I’ve been writing funny webpages since 2009. I’m contributing and freelancing all over the place, and have been paid to do it regularly at CollegeHumor and before that at Jest.
Exhausting and incomplete list of other places I’ve written for: Cracked, Funny Or Die, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, Slacktory, The Bygone Bureau, Paste Magazine, Splitsider, Thought Catalog, Dorkly, BuzzFeed, The Impersonals, White Whine, SportsPickle, Jukeleft, Cavalier Literary Couture, CampusBasement.
You might have seen my sketch comedy writing (and producing/directing/performing) on Slacktory or Jest or Dollar Pizza or the sketch comedy show I EP’d with college pals.
I co-published and wrote a zine called Atheist Letters to Santa in NYC, and got featured in another zine called Fortunate Soldier in LA.
I write for Bout, CollegeHumor’s iPhone game that everyone loves, and I contribute hit shirt ideas to BustedTees.
I also write plays, wrote a contest-winning zombie movie, and tweet.
You can contact me at aschmidt47 [at] gmail [dot] com.
I’m a professional GIF animator for Cracked, previously CollegeHumor and Jest. I’ve also done freelance work for sites like Funny Or Die and Slacktory, among others.
I’ve also done branded GIF work for projects like Coffee Town, Bout, and My Dad Is In A Boy Band.
For GIFs I’ve made that I’m particularly proud of, click here.
I’m always looking for freelance gigs, so say hello if you’re looking for a GIF animator.

I’ve told jokes, stories, and more in front of people at places like UCB Chelsea/East/Los Angeles, Dixon Place in Soho, The Stand in Manhattan, “Bread and Butter” at The Gutter in Williamsburg, Muchmore’s in Williamsburg, Greenwich Village Comedy Club, The Hollywood Comedy Store, The Hollywood Laugh Factory, “The Tomorrow Show!” at The Steve Allen Theater in Los Angeles, The Ice House in Pasadena, and the Irvine Improv in Irvine, CA. I also host Soccer Practice, a weekly seasonal open mic at Cafe El Beit in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
I’m @AlexSchmidty on Twitter, and I’m a contributor for WitStream, where you can find Twitter’s funniest people in one finely curated place.
My Tumblr name is ohmygodwaytoolong. I made pretty much everything that’s there. I also blog for Cracked.

My name is Alex Schmidt. Some people call me “Schmidty”.
I’m a writer, performer, GIF animator, and the person who put this website together.
I live in Brooklyn and I’ve got loads of personality. If you say hi you can find out all about it.
Contact: aschmidt47 [at] gmail [dot] com