Some of my favorite stuff I've written/made

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Prose Humor Writing

Digital TV writing for Poppy Carlton and Georgie Carlton (Almost Royal on BBC America)

various secret contributing (The Onion)

Cat Profiles from Haruki Murakami’s Animal Shelter (The New Yorker)

If Lois Lane Respected Herself (CollegeHumor)

Funeral Plans For My 30 Rock Spec Script (The Toast)

Ugh, How Do I Handle This Message From My Ex Who Dumped Me? (Funny Or Die)

You’re My Maid of Honor Because You’re My Best Friend (Who Can Do a Tight, Clean Six-Minute Set) (Splitsider Humor Section)

Sketch Comedy

If Car Commercials Were Honest (Cracked)

Westworld For Families On A Budget (Cracked)

The Terrifying Truth About Sesame Street (Cracked)

If Titanic Was Realistic (Cracked)

Australia's Message To America About Guns (Cracked)

Apple Pickers (Slacktory/Utah Arts Festival)

Space Camp 2012 (Jest)

Original Cracked Video Series

Hilarious Helmet History (Creator/Writer/Performer)

So You Want To Be... (Creator/Writer/Performer)

Everything Boring Is Awesome (Creator/Writer/Performer)

Galactic War Room (Staff Writer, Main Cast)

Cracked Explains (Writer/Host for Defense Spending, Spotify, & Airbnb episodes)

DED Talks (Creator/Writer, played Walt Disney)

Stand-Up Comedy

I keep those clips in a secret vault, far below the Earth. Ask to see them!

Send questions/comments/praise to: aschmidt47 [at] gmail [dot] com